Fischer Bargoin professional french knives introduced to Lebanon

Located in Thiers, in the middle of France, FISCHER and BARGOIN is specialized in manufacturing high quality professional knives and sharpening steels since 1859. Since then it became one of the international leaders for such items for the food industry.
Servicing meat crafts, the company always innovated in quality to best serve the demand of clients.The product range has been enlarged over the years, now serving the whole food industry including foodservice, hotels and catering, bakery, pastry, fish & seafood and cheese business.
The know-how and the quality of our blades made from French steel, have lead to the excellent reputation of the products, especially the sharpening steels.

All Fischer-Bargoin products are available in IPEC showroom as a sole dealer and distributor of this brand in Lebanon. The products range from butchery knives, fish knives, cheese & ham knives to poultry shears, sharpeners and pastry tools.
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