Get Grilled Furn El Chebak: Kitchen and Design by IPEC Lebanon

IPEC designs and furnishes the new place in Furn El Chebak with restaurant and bar equipment.

The outlet is located in the back of Sagesse Univeristy and adjacent to the Alpha building.

It has been designed to serve an Indian and Persian food menu along with deserts, Alcoholic drinks and a variety of juices and shakes.

The bar and coffee equipment consisted of a coffee semi automatic machine, coffee grinder, beer fridge, freezer, and an ice maker machine.

A shisha preparation area was made up of a Shisha stainless stand, shisha fridge and a coal stainless drawer.

The industrial kitchen equipment consisted of of a hotline composed of two stainless fryers, oven, salamander and an exaust hood.

The barbecue area was made up of a Charcoal grill and a meat preparation area.

The list of food preparation machines contained a meat mincer, cheese grater, professional knives and industrial scale.

Get Grilled Furn El Chebak

Bar equipment Coffee machine Bar station Table top fridge Six burners oven Charcoal grill Stock pot Exhaust hood Meat equipment Stainless refrigerator Handwash sink Shisha stand

Get Grilled Furn EL Chebak

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