ABC Verdun : Cafeteria design and Equipment executed by IPEC Lebanon

IPEC completes the installation of the ABC Verdun Employees Cafeteria. The design was intended to serve a plat du jour menu, sandwiches, salads, morning croissants in addition to deserts and beverages such as coffee.

For this purpose, on the front side, a pastry style refrigerator was situated near a counter style bain marie and a counter fridge with inserts.

On the back side, a stainless steel cupboard was put to contain all the packing and dishes in addition to a convection oven and a dish wash sink.


Canteen IPEC fridge front view IPEC Bain Marie side view IPEC stainless rails IPEC convection oven IPEC Wallshelf IPEC Stainless cupboard IPEC Logo IPEC stainless fridge IPEC Salad fridge Cafeteria Menu IPEC Stainless trolley


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