Keyrouz Bakeries equipped by IPEC

The new Boulangerie Keyrouz Jounieh high way branch is a 6 floors giant building facing Fouad Chehab football stadium.
It comprises a ground floor showroom, containing a Manakish & Croissants section, Charcuteries section, Butchery section, Arabic Sweets section, in addition to a retail section for all kinds movable goods.
The second floor has been designed to be a central kitchen serving a dinner menu and able to cater for outside events. It is adjacent to a plaza where a salad bar is placed. Visitors benefit from comfortable tables and chairs to enjoy their meals, coffee or deserts.
The third floor is a giant industrial space where arabic and pita bread machines, breadsticks, Grissini, Katayef & Pancakes production facility have been placed.

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