Samaya Kaslik: cocktail & ice cream pool station by IPEC

IPEC successfully designs and equips the Samaya Kaslik pool Ice cream and cocktail station. The place has been conceived to serve a large volume of pool vacationers a menu consisting of cocktail juices (sliced and exotic), milkshakes and many flavors including jallab, grapefruit, Lemonade and Grenadine. An Ice cream machine (chocolate and Vanilla flavor) has been placed alongside the cocktail work fridge on which a juice dispenser 3 flavors and a fresco machine were positioned. Among the rest of the equipment used are Waring USA blenders, Citrus juicers and a multipurpose worktop refrigerator.

Samaya BuildingSamaya pool1bCocktail stationIce cream machineWork fridgecitrus juicerIce cream machineCocktail Samaya menuIPEC logo

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