Café Toni Mtayleb: Cocktail and Ice cream Equipment by IPEC Lebanon

IPEC contracted the design and equipment furnishing of Café Toni Mtayleb Branch. The concept was built to serve a menu of trendy cocktails, ice creams, a selected range of sandwiches in addition to coffee and beverages.

On the front of the project was placed an Italian display refrigerator in addition to a 9 flavors Ice Cream freezer and a display croissants warmer.

On the back side, a stainless sink, a convection oven, two work top fridges, a slush machine and an ice maker were positioned to smartly fit the available space.

Café Toni

Café Toni second floor Display warmer IPEC cocktail fridge IPEC Ice cream freezer IPEC worktop fridge IPEC crepe machine IPEC convection oven Cafe Toni front view Cafe Toni Menu Cafe Toni Decoration


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