IPEC Lebanon Welcomes Exclusive Arrival of STIL France Products

Exciting news at IPEC Lebanon! We’re happy to share that we’ve just received our first shipment of STIL France products, marking the start of an exclusive partnership.  These top-notch tools bring innovation to our customers. STIL France sets a new standard for precise temperature measurement. Whether you’re in the kitchen or industry, these high-quality tools offer a world of possibilities. Upgrade your operations with the latest in temperature technology. Contact us today to explore how these tools can enhance your work.

Unveiling the STIL France Product Line:

1- Classic Alcohometer: Precision and reliability for accurate alcohol measurement.

2- Wine Thermometer: Elevate your wine experience with the perfect serving temperature.

3- Syrup Sugar Density Meter: Ensure your syrups are at their optimal sweetness.

4- Salinometer: Ideal for precise measurement of salt concentration.

5- Manual Refractometer: Versatile tool for measuring refractive index and concentration.

6- Fridge / Freezer Thermometer: Maintain the perfect temperature for food storage.

7- Dial Probe Thermometer for Meat: Achieve culinary perfection with accurate meat temperature readings.

8- Dial Probe Thermometer for Frying: Ensure the ideal frying temperature for crispy delights.

9- Dial Oven Thermometer: Accurately gauge your oven’s temperature for perfect baking.

10- Ambient Thermometer and Hygrometer: Keep track of the environment’s temperature and humidity.

11- Mechanical Cooking Timer 60 Minutes: Precision timing for your culinary creations.

12- Cooking Timer with Countdown Function: A versatile timer with countdown, stopwatch, and user-friendly features.

13- Frying Oil Testing Strips: Maintain the quality of your frying oil for delicious results.

14- Infrared Thermometer: State-of-the-art technology for instant and accurate temperature measurements.

15- Meat Thermometer with Wire Probe (1 meter): Measure the core temperature of food in your oven with precision.

16- Thermo’Connect – Smart Temperature Monitoring:
Experience the future of temperature monitoring with Thermo’Connect. This innovative system offers remote alerts, temperature readings to your PC and mobile, and real-time monitoring for your cold room. Easy to install and configure, Thermo’Connect ensures reliable temperature management without any subscription hassles.

STIL items

Digital cooking timer Freezer thermometer Hygrometer Laster Thermometer STIL France Oil test strips STIL France Oven-Fryer-Meat Thermometer Probe thermometer STIL refractometer Syrup density meter ThermoConnect Wine Alcometer Wine thermometer

Mechanical cooking timer


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