Salted Resto-Pub Gemayze: Project achieved by IPEC Lebanon

IPEC designs and installs the Kitchen and Bar for the trendy Gemayze Resto-Pub : Salted.

A central square Bar area was installed to include a stainless steel bar station, a black type  bottle cooler along with a bar freezer  and a stainless work bench.

The kitchen comprised a hotline of two charbroiler grills, a double fryer, a bain marie for sauces, a four trays convection oven along with a stainless exhaust hood.

Stainless wall shelves have been fitted all along the working space in addition to worktop fridges.

Salted Gemazyze facade

Wine display roof wine display IPEC bottle cooler IPEC bar station IPEC fryer IPEC exhaust hood IPEC charbroiler grill IPEC wall stainless shelf IPEC stainless shelf IPEC stainless wall shelves IPEC chrome heated shelves IPEC wall shelf Salted Sofa

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