Small Space Mobile Restaurants Projects Executed by IPEC

IPEC executes the design and equipment furnishing of a multitude of mobile food carts with a big precision in relation to kitchen small space efficiency and adaptation of the equipment set to the menu desired.

A typical working space for such projects would be a 4x3m (12 m2).

Menus that can be adapted for that space would comprise Fast food such as Burgers, Pasta or Pizza , Lebanese food such as shawarma, falafel or Mezza and even Lebanese Dough such as Furn Makoushis and Lahem be Ajin.

A typical Mobile kitchen partition would include a hotline encompassing a flat grill, fryer, salamander, hood, barbecue. It would contain a refrigeration and freezer corner in addition to a dishwash and vegetable wash area.

Mobile kitchen side view

Alecco's restaurant IPEC sandiwch fridge Al Maida restaurant

Burger restaurant front view

Mobile Cart Mobile restaurant counter Kitchen entrance Mobile kitchen hotline Mobile kitchen refrigerator Mobile kitchen freezer IPEC Sandwich fridge Lebfrost Beverage fridge IPEC exhaust hood




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