Beers in Lebanon: Pour The Perfect Draft

Pouring Beer may seem the easiest thing the bartender can do for clients, doesn’t need an astonishing way to impress the clients and people don’t notice it all the time. However, people are aware of how their drinks are poured. Pouring alcohol, specially beer, can affects the drinker’s mood and his taste experience.
Here are some tips for pouring the perfect cup of Beer:


1-      Have a Clean Glass Cup

Finger prints and lipsticks may stay on a glass cup, so holding and drinking with a dirty glass, can ruin the experience of drinking and the mood of the person.
Washing the glass in a high temp dishwasher is highly required.

1-      Hold the Glass at an Angle

When pouring the beer, experts suggest holding it at angle 45°.
It allows the beer to flow freely.
Once you get about 2/3, straighten the cup and hold it up.

1-      Look for the Right Amount of Foam


Having a head of foam on the top of the beer can enhance the appearance and can help noticing the flavor.

More Beer Facts …

  • Beer And Marijuana are cousins, beer hops are in the same family of flowering plants as Marijuana
  • Studies show that Beer can help prevent heart attacks.
  • CENOSILLICAPHOBIA is the fear of an empty Beer glass.
  • In Amsterdam they pay 5 cans of beer for cleaning the street per day plus €10 and tobacco

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