How to cater a party for 50 people


Dear women, when you have more than 50 guests in an event, it becomes a real catering event. It is something really scary; however, a little planning and organizing can make the party run smoothly and satisfy all your guests.
In this article we will help you find out:
1. The quantity of food and drink you will need
2. How to reduce the burden stress of preparation by making some dishes on site
3. What you need to transport your food and drink
4. How to handle your preparation if you will be catering outs

Determining food and beverage quantity:

Finding how much food and drink you need is stressful at first, but if you write a handy chart everything will be easier and clearer for you.
All the items are measured in gram or by pieces

Items measured by the each:


The drink is measured by the need accordingly. It is not measured by liter.

Appetizers and Bread:

These are also measured by pieces, not by liter or gram. Since everything differs between cheese for example and bread.
Items measured by gram

Main course:

You have to consider a thing before cooking; the volume of the meat for example changes after cooking. So, consider 140g of meat for each person.

Calculating Food Amounts for 50 Guests

2 hours party beverage planner for 50

Food Type Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cocktail
Hors D oeuvre 100 pieces 200 pieces 300 pieces 625 pieces
Main Courses 7000 g 8400  g 9800 g N/A
Sides 14000 g 14000 g 24500 g N/A
Fresh fruit 6300 g 6300 g 6300 g 6300 g
Rolls bread or pastries 100 pieces 75 pieces 75 pieces N/A pieces
Dessert N/A 75 pieces 75 pieces N/A


2 hours party beverage planner for 50

Beverage Type Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cocktail
water, lemonade, soda, or tea 48L 48L 48L 48L
Coffee 120L 92L 92L N/A
Alcoholic drinks 75 drinks 75 drinks 100 drinks 150 drinks
Ice 17.1 kg 17.1 kg 17.1 kg 34 kg


Preparing Food on Site:

Generally some dishes are prepared before the event to avoid stress. However, some dishes must be prepared on site like meat and sushi.

Here are some ideas for preparing menu on site:

Sushi rolling, pizza tossing, flambé, teppanyaki cooking and other exhibition cooking styles can provide extra entertainment at an event. It ensures having a hot fresh plate. Some exhibition cooking:

1. Portable cooking and flambe cart
2. Teppanyaki griddle
3. Mobile work table and/or mobile equipment stand

• On-site grilling and smoking. Use outdoor grills, tailgate grills or outdoor charbroilers to grill on-site at your event. For hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, fish and steaks, it is preferable to start 30 minutes before the arrival of the guests
• Do-it-yourself desserts. The classic make-your-own dessert station is a chocolate fountain and ice cream stations.

Storage and Transportation:

You need to have pans that keep the food either hot or cold
top-loaded food carriers
front-loaded food carriers
warmer and chiller packs
5 gallon beverage carrier

Buffet Service:

One buffet will easily service 50 people. You will need
Skirted 6- to 8-ft banquet table.
Beverage tubs or beverage dispensers, chafing dishes
Disposable party tableware
Catering dinnerware.

Catering Outdoors:

Here are some extra items you can bring for outdoor catering:

• Event tent.
• Ice caddy. it lets you to keep ice cold for long periods of time.
• Portable hand sink.
• Tailgate grill or portable grill
• Chocolate fountain wind guards.
These guidelines will help you cater a party for 50 people without running out of food and drink or encountering unexpected obstacles. By following these tips, you may have some food and beverage left over, but in a pinch you will be able to accommodate extra guests or diners that are hungrier or eat more than expected.





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