Papa’z Grill House and Takeaway. Design and equipment by IPEC

IPEC effectively designs and furnishes the Lebanese fast food restaurant and grill house: Papa’z, located in the area of Reyfoun Lebanon.

The food preparation tools setting has been provided to assure a menu consisting of Chicken and Meat Shawarma, Kebabs, Taouk, Submarines sandwiches and platters in addition to the salad menu.

On the list of equipment is the double shawarma burners placed on a work fridge, a stainless countertop sandwich refrigerator,  a deep freezer, fryer, charcoal grill, exhaust hood and two Lebfrost upright storage refrigerators.

Papa'z Reyfoun 2 Shawarma station Kebab Station Lebfrost upright fridge Table top fridge Shawarma trolley restaurant menu

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