Papa’z Grill House and Takeaway. Design and equipment by IPEC


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IPEC effectively designs and furnishes the Lebanese fast food restaurant and grill house: Papa’z, located in the area of Reyfoun Lebanon. The food preparation tools setting has been provided to assure a menu consisting of Chicken and Meat Shawarma, Kebabs, … Continue reading

Sample Industrial kitchen layout. Design by IPEC Lebanon.

1- Table top refrigerator.
2- Upright Freezer.
3- Upright Refrigerator.
4- Sink Bowl.
5- Flat Griddle.
6- Charcoal Grill.
7- Exhaust Hood.
8- Frymate With Under shelf.
9- Deep Fat Fryers.
10- Convection oven.
11- Cooking Range 6 Burners.
12- Tabletop refrigerator with over shelf.
13- Working Table with heating element.
14- Table top refrigerator with inserts and over shelf.
15- Working Table with sink and over shelf.

Top Chef Lebanon kitchen equipped by IPEC


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TOP CHEF KITCHEN. Project Executed in a record two weeks following international F&B standards in kitchen design and standards. The neutral stainless steel elements (tables,shelves,sinks) and refrigerators were all produced in IPEC factory in Lebanon. The Hot Section ( six … Continue reading