What type of Pizza Oven would best suit your restaurant?

Pizzerias, large chains or small kitchens will each need a different type of Industrial pizza oven to meet the demands of their concept. Each type of oven requires different sources of power and operate under various cooking times and methods to create distinctly different types of authentic pizzas. IPEC has been furnishing the major types of Pizza ovens for more than 30 years to clients spreading across all continents.

Pizza Oven Types

 1*Brick Pizza Ovens

Wooden Pizza Oven

Brick pizza ovens have a hearth and dome that are made from refractory bricks (high heat bricks). The design is a direct replica of ancient bakery ovens. Brick pizza ovens are fueled by wood, but gas and coal can also be used. Pizza purists believe that a wood-fired brick oven is the only way to make a traditional pizza. IPEC has been manufacturing this type or brick wood oven on a customized basis or importing it to the Middle East from world wide famous Italian suppliers.

  • Best for: Brick pizza ovens are ideal for using traditional baking methods.
  • Heating method: Brick pizza ovens use heating methods, convection, reflective, conductive and the stone hearth conducts heat to the crust.
  • Cooking temperature: Best temperatures for cooking is between 250 and 350 ° C.
  • Power type: Brick pizza ovens can use wood, coal or gas.
  • Preheat time: The preheat time can range up to 45 minutes to hour. For checking the deck temperature, you can use a pocket infrared thermometer .
  • Cooking time:  It can take between 90 seconds and 5 minutes to cook a pizza, depending on the pizza’s thickness.

2* Deck Ovens

Deck Pizza Oven


Deck ovens are stone  or metal shelves on which the pizzas are directly placed to bake.

  • Best for: Deck ovens are ideal for pizzerias that want to create a more genuine-tasting pizza .
  • Heating method: The stones are heated by burner, so the hot stone is what cooks the pizza.
  • Cooking temperature: Best temperatures for cooking in this type of oven are between 200 and 300 °C.
  • Power type: This type oven can use either gas or electricity to heat the stone or metal floor.
  • Preheat time: A deck-style pizza oven will take about an hour to reach the proper cooking temperature.
  • Cooking time: From 2 to 5 minutes.

 3*Convection Ovens


PIRON convection oven

Best for all restaurants , that are looking for ways to save money and  producing pizzas that are comparable to traditional methods. IPEC represents two worldwide brands producing convection ovens: THERMATEK USA and PIRON Italy.

  • Best for: Convection ovens are ideal for kitchens with limited space and who want to reduce energy costs .
  • Heating method: These ovens have a fan in the back that circulates hot air for convection heating.
  • Cooking temperature: These pizza ovens cook at 300 °C and help save on energy costs.
  • Power type: Both electrical and gas models are available.
  • Preheat time: It usually take 5 minutes for these types of ovens to preheat.
  • Cooking time: Can cook a pizza at 250 °C in 6 minutes.


4*Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Conveyor Pizza Oven

These types of ovens are one of the slower methods for making a single pizza. Nevertheless, the cooking chamber is wider and operate on a chain conveyor belt. Through this method, a mass pizza production can be installed, allowing to save on energy cost per unit.


  • Best for: These ovens are ideal for big-scale pizzerias and can also be used to toast sandwiches or bake bread.
  • Heating method: Countertop models will use radiant heat, whereas full-size units employ forced air .
  • Cooking temperature: The ideal temperature is between 200 and 350 °C.
  • Power type: These ovens function of gas or electricity.
  • Preheat time: This oven type has no preheat time.
  • Cooking time: Between 500 and 520 ºF will cook a pizza in four to five minutes.



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